Wednesday, July 18, 2012

10 Steps for Adsense Success

1. Always find the niche markets to target. If you take on the highest paying keywords you have entered a highly competitive market that is a lot of work to get any significant traffic flow. On the other hand choose a market to with very specific keywords without excessive competition.
As a rough example of putting in a lot of work, click here for a live Google Search such as ....
Your keyword dominance and ownership will come in time as this example shows.

2 Finding the best keywords will become a permanent focus as you learn your market. There is research to be done to know what keywords are already used to align with searchers (very important). You’ll need a minimum of 1000 monthly and preferably nearer 4000 searchers with some additional keywords for example specific products within a narrow niche. The keywords (and Keyword Phrases) must not have only sufficient traffic but additionally the competition must not be too strong. You need to get on the first page of Google to create a decent income and preferably within the top 5 of page 1.

3. Find the correct tools for the keyword research. You will find free tools including Google AdWords Keywords Tool. This can give you search volumes but note that the competition column shows just the number of Pay Per Click advertisers for your keyword. The thing you need for AdSense is the strength from the websites you will be competing against to get on-page 1 of Google. I personally use paid for Tools Micro Niche Finder and recently also Market Samurai. These provide you with everything, keywords, traffic, strength of Website Competition, keyword bid values and other useful data.

4 Discover the best keyword research tools and you will find enough PayPerClick (PPC) advertisers bidding on your chosen keyword to improve your keyword alignment with how people are currently searching for a product or service that you are offering.

5. Register a website. Your primary keyword phrase should be within the domain name, preferably at the start Upper left always) and with little else added to dilute it (keyword density). You should obtain a (.com) or (.org) domain for that US market. If this is not available consider adding a thing for example reviews after the keyword phrase or use hyphens between the url keywords. My realtime example of this is (search Google of Bing for[University of the Internet}.... I got lucky because (without hyphens) was for sale and therefore fully undeveloped!

6. Setup Webhosting. I am currently up to 9 websites and my target is all about 50. Consider the long-term costs. I went for any reseller account with which has the unlimited url format.

7. Build your website. Whatever software you use, be sure to set up a template which you can use and re-use. Be sure to optimise your site using your main keyword and subsidiary keywords in the content. Don’t go crazy with keyword stuffing or Google will penalise you. Talk to the buyers first and the crawler. As much as 7% keywod density should be acceptable. Put your primary keywords phrase within the Website Title which is more essential than anything else. Put the Keyword within the 6 sizes of headings of the page with H1 through H6 tags to emphasize it and vary the header content to be informative and diverse in your keyword use.

8. Make sure all of your submissions are unique, well constructed, original, and relevant to your primary keyword. Don’t get drawn in by sites offering instant internet sites from content gathered from around the internet. In the event that is your site offers it will risk penalties by Googles smart crawlers. If you are using content from elsewhere for example similar sites, be sure you substantially rewrite it so it’s original.

9. Get links, get quality links. The easiest way is to write articles with a backlink to your website within the resource box at the conclusion. Undergo a higher pr Article Directory for example EzineArticles. Look at other ways to obtain links from high quality websites. You’ll find using a search lists of high Pr Blogs and Forums with do-follow links. What this means is you are able to write a good comment having a backlink to your website and also the search engines like google will follow the link. Many such websites block this; so, I use pictures with keywords in the file names as an additional draw of easy traffic. Use Social media while being breif and to the point with original keyword choices at every different server(website). Google appears to be taking more notice of Twitter posts while they are no-follow.

10. Track how well you’re progressing. AdSense channels let you know which Websites and pages bring in the most income. Google Webmaster Tools will explain your ranking in the search engines and also the links for your site which are constantly indexed. Register your sites with Google Analytics. This may give you details about your Sites visitors and other significant information.